The Abelson Company

works to transform organizations and change the world by shaping innovative strategies and bringing them to life with creative communications.

We are particularly focused on three connected topics: disability and aging, health and wellness, & food and farming.

"This remarkable transformation is unimaginable without their vision,
passion and brilliant work – its that simple."

Stephen E. Freeman, CEO

“…a look, feel and message that is exactly what (PHR) needed to say, to whom, and how.”
Chris Seton Abele, Board Member, Physicians for Human Rights

“They brilliantly made the cause part of the retail experience.”
Monica Forman, President, Magaschoni

“(Their communications) have been crucial to our launch and expansion around the world…”
Dr. Stig Pramming, Executive Director, The Oxford Health Alliance

“An exceptionally talented creative group with a gift for partnership: they listen, they think and they care.”
Michael Caplin, Board Chair, New York Center for Children

“The Abelson team did a fabulous job of creating an experience in revolution for the Mutual Funds business.”
Mark Cassidy, EVP, Scudder Investments