Adapt Community Network

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

YAI > Seeing Beyond Disability.

Helping YAI become a force for change not only lifted an agency in crisis but challenged others long defined in terms of limitation and dependence.

The Oxford Health Alliance

An ambitious new global alliance is born, with a name, identity and communications program that helped move diet and exercise– and avoidable chronic disease—to the center of the health care conversation.

The Center For Discovery

It takes language and imagery appropriate to a utopian community to adequately represent The Center, now collaborating with the neighboring hamlet of Hurleyville on a model of healthy community for all.

Access: Supports For Living

As the organization had long since outgrown ‘Occupations, Inc.’, we saw an opportunity to re-imagine the agency’s role in the lives of the people and communities of the Hudson Valley.

New York Philharmonic

Women for Women International

This extraordinary group—founded by the dynamic Zainab Salbi– helps survivors of conflict re-build their lives and communities. We proudly share credit for helping them achieve a 20-fold growth in the few years after this re-branding.

New York Integrated Network

We relished the challenge of bringing this new coalition to life, especially as NYIN members are dedicated to more effective and affordable strategies of support for people with disabilities.

Royal Shakespeare Company

International Center New York

United Hebrew

New Media

Comfort with an existing model and fear of the unknown can combine to make launching a new brand exceedingly challenging. While we worked with many cable and broadcast channels–MTV, ESPN, CBS, HBO and more–the assignments we take most pride in are two daunting launches.